Mission Hospital Elective

We are pleased to announced that we are launching a program for our medical & dental students. Mission Hospital Elective is a two-week semi-formal clinical attachment program in Penang Adventist Hospital, with medical and spiritual emphasis.  We would like to encourage all Adventist Medical and Dental students starting from Year One, to join this program. With this, we hope to pass on the knowledge and wisdom gained by one generation of medical professionals to the next.

This program is FREE. We will provide our Elective students two meals a day for the whole period of attachment. Lodging is also provided if needed.

Register now and join us to experience the exclusive opportunity working in a mission hospital. Please click the link below to register


Please do not hesitate to email us to amm@pah.com.my or contact 012-5156135 (Cecelia) if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “Mission Hospital Elective

  1. Yohanna

    Hi, my name is Yohanna, and I’m interested in taking nursing. I’m a missionary. I would like to get more information. It would be helpful to know about your institution and what you do.
    you can email any information.

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