Gospel in action

Coming to AMM was definitely a divine providence!! God sees the big picture of how medical missionary work can be carried forward in Hong Kong. And He called a team that composed of ministers, physician, pharmacist, nurse, and medical missionary workers from Hong Kong to come to this conference for a special purpose.

At AMM conference, I saw how the gospel work can be blended so harmoniously between the conference level, local churches, local hospital and the self-supporting ministry. It is amazing that when God’s people are working unitedly with each other, the gospel work is carried forwarded with victory and so many souls are touched as a result.

The living testimonies of Dr Peter Landless, Dr Fam Siow Leong and Dr Tim Riesenberger are very inspiring indeed. The sacrificial work of Dr Fam in Africa for the last 30 years is an object lesson to me! The medical missionary work is indeed the right arm of the gospel, with which the gospel is put into action!

Chan Wing Ying and Aenon team.

At AMM, we had many opportunities to mingle and network with other workers. And we were able to share ideas and resources with each other. I hope that more church members will come and see next year and be inspired about God’s last ministerial work—medical missionary work.

For me, I am looking forward to seeing this work to be carried forward in a secular city like Hong Kong. Souls are perishing physically, mentally and spiritually and the only solution is in the salvation of Jesus and the health principles that He has given us by the inspired pen of Ellen G White. Pray for us that the gospel workers and the medical professionals will be able to work together to bring about this comprehensive health ministry in Hong Kong.