Purpose redefined

A new work – I still remember the very first day began my work as a doctor. The 19th day of April in 2015 was when I took my first step into a crowded ward, and from then on my journey began. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I had not the slightest clue as to what being a doctor really meant. My impressions were molded to what I had seen in the TV and in the lives of those of such profession around me. Nevertheless, whatever being a doctor might mean in the end, I knew for a certain that I needed to be a one. I aspired to be as good as the ones who’ve inspired me. I desired to be able to do everything, so that I would be ready for anything. I purposed to serve men, for God is served.

Lost in the motion – Two years had passed, and my internship period had come to an end. As I sat to reminisce, I was troubled with the thoughts of unfulfilled potential. Engulfed into the work, time had passed so quickly that tho I grew in skill and knowledge, I still lacked the aptitude of a Christian doctor. I find myself being no different from the average joe doctor, who knew how to treat the body, but leave the mind and soul to hopefully heal on its own. I forget that I am a Christian first, and then a doctor.

Purpose redefined – Having previously heard sermons and testimonies shared during the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) conferences overseas, I knew that a program like AMM was not to be missed. True enough, AMM Conference 2017 brought about a revival not only on a corporate level, but down onto a personal level as well. The main talks by the three main speakers emphasised the need for me to be holistic and prayerful in all my endeavours. The mission spotlight gave me practical ideas and a great hope that the seemingly insignificant work that we do may impact the lives of others in a big way. Finally, the networking opportunities between the healthcare professionals, the pastoral workers and lay members, as well as the team-building activity during the outreach was to me the truest image of the “Right Arm” of the gospel which is medical missionary work. What else can I say? Thank you AMM for your good work. Press on in your efforts. You may very well encourage another young doctor on his way. AMEN.

– Dr Edwin Koh