The Right Arm, March On!

Praise the Lord! Thank God for His blessing upon AMM conference 2017 ” The Right Arm, March On”! Without Him we can do nothing. We truly believe this conference will not be such a success without God’s intervention and your intercession prayers.

There were 132 participants registered for AMM conference 2017 across South East Asia region such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines; with the background of doctor, nurses, paramedic , medical student, health director, health leader and etc. We thank all who had participated in this conference, and freely gave up their time, effort and resources.

Our three speakers have inspired us deeply through this conference. Dr Peter Landless, the General Conference Health Director, had given us a powerful March Order on how to be God’s Right Arm, the importance of Right Arm and how to prepare ourselves to be a leader to March On! Dr. Tim had shared about nutrition, how great is our God in medical missionary work, and the healing power from God. Last but not the least, Dr Fam the great surgeon who dedicated his life to God in serving the poor in Africa, had shared his amazing experiences and how God provided him financially and manpower support without failed.

Group discussions were carried out during the Conference and we had great inputs in discussing the problems we had in medical missionary work for example the gap between medical and spiritual aspects, the lack resources , and the balance between family life and medical missionary. Questions and doubts were answered by the panels at the end of the group discussion. Also, there were pronounce suggestions given to AMM committee for example to form a network of contact within AMM members to build a stronger connection and also provide resources. In order to benefits our member, we are committed to strive for more in the near future.

Lastly, the highlight of the conference which is the Outreach Program. The main objective of this program is to place learning into action; We March On by providing health screening, dental screening and eye check at two different locations- Life Hope Center, Greenlane and Adventist Community Services Center, Sungai Ara. We had served almost 500 people in 5 hours at two locations! We praise God for bringing people to the community center and the combine effort from churches, hospital and AMM participant was great! Let be the Right Arm, March On!

We are looking forward to your participation on next AMM conference in Sarawak! Stay tune for more information!