Weekly Newsletter- Mar 2, 2018

I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Yours sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.
(Joel 2:28, NIV)

” I have seen your God before,” said the young Buddhist girl. She repeated, “I have seen your God!”

“How is it that you have been so blessed to have seen my God?” I asked. Then she told me how my God had chosen to reveal Himself to a young girl whose only knowledge of other gods was of fearful, harsh, and exacting supernatural beings.

“I was sleeping one night when I had the most dreadful dream. Two demons were chasing me. I was running for my life. They were getting closer and about to catch me. All of a sudden, there in front of me was a deep drop-off. I could either stop and let the evil spirits catch me and kill me, or I could jump into space, not knowing where I would land. I chose to jump. All of a sudden, a giant hand out of nowhere caught me in midair.

“I landed with such weightlessness, like landing on pillows. I looked up at the arm of this giant hand. Over the arm was draped a robe. As I looked up into the face of this being. I saw the most kind and loving face. It was a face I had never seen before. It had long hair and a beard. This being then spoke to me: ‘Go ye therefore and spread my word.’ He repeated it twice and then I woke up.”

The young girl went on with her story. “Several weeks later, as I was walking past a Christian book store, I was impressed to look inside. On the wall was a picture of the same person I saw in my dream. I had to go in and see who it was. It was your God! Now I know your God is a loving God.”

This young girl’s father had just undergone surgery in our hospital. After his release, she sent us a letter thanking the hospital, doctors, and nurses for caring so well for her father. “I know your God is a God of love because of what I saw in my dream and by how the doctors and nurses took such good care of my father while he was in your hospital. I don’t know if I will ever become a Christian, but I know your God is a loving God.”

We never know how or when God may speak to other people. To some, God may choose to reveal Himself through our lives and actions. To others, He may choose to show Himself through a dream. God has many ways of revealing Himself, but the most common way is through our daily actions, words, and example. Are we revealing a God of love to the world around us?

Kenneth Rose, LLUSM class of 1988