“And this gospel of kingdom shall be preached in all world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come”~Matthew 24:14

In the Bible, Jesus’ ministry involved the restoration of the body as well as the soul.  When He sent His disciples out to do the ministry, He instructed them to do it through preaching and healing. The unique health message of the bible shines brightest when God is the center.

Through attending the AMM Conference this year, I have learnt from the Speakers that this model of ministry is still one of the most effective means to spread the gospel to this sinful world, especially now in this generation. Once we meet the needs of health, we will be able to reach to the soul of the sinners. It makes me realize that we are not the nurses or health care workers that happen to be Christians but we are Christians happen to be a health care professionals. It got me thinking, why are we doing health screenings for free? Why should we pray for patients? Why should we read the Bible? Why should we be Christ-like? I believe there’s only one right answer: To uphold the teaching our Lord Jesus Christ when we are called to be fishers of men. We are here to help the world to recognize this ultimate Healer called Jesus Christ.

If it isn’t for our Lord Jesus, our life here is meaningless. Therefore as long as there is this one soul in a remote island or perhaps, the Penang Island who has not heard the beautiful name of Jesus, we have a mission. As long as He lives, we have a mission and a purpose, which is for us to take forever.-Ang Wan Ting, Adventist College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Diploma 2021/2.