“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”~Mark 16:15

I was given the opportunity to attend the Adventist Medical Mission Conference this year in April. I was blessed through this event that I get to hear some amazing testimonies and have learnt so much from the guest speakers of the event. There were three speakers altogether, and they came from different parts of the world. It’s such a blessing that all of us who attended the meeting get to learn of the many amazing stories that have happened in the other places of the world.

The first plenary session I attended was presented by Dr. John Shin, an Oncologist from Minnesota, America. Dr. John Shin spoke about his experience with a dying patient who was miraculously cured from her illness. Both the patient and Dr Shin had so much faith in God’s plan and His perfect timing that a huge miracle like that had taken place. As I listened to his testimony about faith, I cannot help but feeling how unfaithful I have been to God. All this time, I thought I have a strong faith but after hearing Dr. Shin’s testimony, I can’t help but to imagine what I would do if I was in that situation. I also realized that little acts of kindness and care can change someone’s life. Through Dr Shin’s story, I could see how Jesus was reflected in his care for his patients.

The next session was presented by Dr Milan Moskala, a dentist from Czech Republic. I just love how passionate he is for his mission works in Bangladesh. I later learned that Dr. Milan is a missionary dentist at the Adventist Dental Clinic in Dhaka the since 1998. His enthusiasm radiates in all of his speeches and testimonies. I can really see his genuineness in his mission works and he even determined to do his mission until the Jesus comes again.

Last but not least, we get to hear from Dr. Brian Schwartz, an interventional cardiologist in Ohio, United States. He shared about some of his funny yet inspiring stories that had taken place at his workplace. He told us about his first experience praying for a patient, which was claimed to be a hilarious moment for him, for it was something new to him that time. However gradually after that, he gained courage and started praying for his patients and things turns out very well. Through prayers he sees that his patients are comforted and healed, at least emotionally and spiritually, which are equally important as the physical health. He also shared about why medical mission is so important, that through medical mission work, we are able to reach out to souls where the church may not reach.

The doubt that I was having about how I can help in spreading gospel and and help in mission work, when I will be busy working few years from now completely vanished because these doctors proved that God will make a way if we are open to His calls. He will always help us if we genuinely and faithfully want to be the salt and the light of the world.-Ennqa Carrysna Kylie Julius, Adventist College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Diploma 2021/2.