Prayer made all the difference

I had an appointment with a former patient’s daughter one day. Her mother had been hospitalized for about three weeks and then died. I was a little nervous, thinking most family members don’t make an appointment to see a CEO unless there is a problem of some kind. When I opened my office door the woman shoved an envelope into my hand.

“You need to read this,” she said.

I sat down and began to read the letter. It was very positive about the care our staff had given her mother. She mentioned names of nurses and others who had cared for her. I thanked the woman, and said I’d like to share her letter with our employees.

“Tell me, over the three weeks that your mother was in our hospital, did anything special stand out that I could tell them?” I asked.

“Yes, one morning I left my mother’s room for a few minutes. She was in a coma and other family members were around. When I came back to the room some nurses were attending to Mom, so I stopped at the door. Then I realized one of them was praying. That really helped me at a difficult time. I’ll never forget it.”-Larry Dodds

Sources-Judd, Wayne, tape recorded interviews with Don Ammon, Frank Dupper and Erwin Rembolt, 1998. “Portland Adventist Through The Years,” 1993. Interviews : Larry Dodds and Monty Knittel.