Weekly Newsletter- December 14, 2018

Sarawak Mission Trip- October 22-28,2018

Good morning everyone, I am from class Diploma 2019(1), I am excited to share with you all regarding my experience during the mission trip. Our mission trip was held at Serian, Sarawak which located about 65 km from Kuching. There were doctors, nurses, dentists, health counsellor, volunteers, students nurses and Mdm Ong joined the trip.

Our first stop was at Kg Putah, Tebedu. On the first day, we were late because there were a few things we need to take. When we arrived there, everyone was already gathered in the hall for medical treatment. All of us rushed to prepare the items because it was already late. Suddenly, the pastor asked us to stop and invites us to have a light breakfast. He said this is a gesture of respect for anyone who came to help the villagers. So we started our work after a wonderful light breakfast. On the first day of the clinic, I was in charge of the hemoglucose station. I had a communication barrier which I don’t speak Bidayuh. So I had to make a sign for them to understand especially the elderly. Since there were a lot of people coming for medical services, I had to switch role with the others to fasten the queue. The first day of the clinic was very busy and ended well.

On the next day, we went to kampung Sejijeg, Tebedu, we were warmly welcomed with so many handshakes. They even performed traditional dance and prepared a light breakfast for us as well before starting the clinic. As usual, we will work according to the job assigned. I was in-charged of the Karada scan which determines your weight, body, body age and so on. There were quite a lot of elderly came for medical services. I had to carefully help the elderly so that they won’t fall. Thankfully, I managed to work things out with the help of my friends. We had a wonderful experience at Serian, Sarawak. The villagers were very kind and have good hospitality. They helped us to carry heavy boxes and fed us well. Playing games and singing with the children makes the trip more enjoyable. The foods were all freshly picked and cooked by the villagers. Everything was delicious that makes us wants to another round.

I am here not to share all the great things that we had received by the villagers. I am sharing this to encourage each one of you to experience this wonderful and memorable trip. I believe if you invest time for a mission trip, you are giving the greatest give to the villagers…which is your TIME because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you can never bring back. That is all my sharing today. Thank you!

Fanny Xwanna, ACNHS Diploma 2019(1)