Weekly Newsletter- December 21, 2018

Sarawak Mission Trip- October 22-28,2018

I’m Teoh Ern Yee from the class of Diploma 2019(1), today I’m here to share about my experiences to Sarawak for my very first mission trip during my vacation. This is a medical missionary trip which we student nurses are providing health screening for the villagers. At first, I didn’t expect the villagers are so friendly and nice to us. They had prepared lots of delicious cultural food and traditional performances to welcome us.
Besides, I’m really grateful that I would have the chances to assist the dentist in preparing the anaesthesia injection. I appreciated that dentist willing to explain the dental knowledge while the tooth extraction produce was going on so that I can understand more clearly. I was also amazed by the dentist’s skill on extracting the tooth with few instruments because as I known this should be done in the operation theatre. It could be very challenging on some tooth extraction cases but we did explore a lot and gain some great experiences in our nursing journey as we had not posted to the dentistry department.
Lastly, I realised that the important and hardship of the missionary trip because it’s hard to arrange transport among the villagers to seek medical treatment. So we were there to help them out. It was a memorable and precious mission trip and I wish this project can be held annually and more participants can join.

-Teoh Ern Yee, ACNHS Diploma 2019(1)