Weekly Newsletter- December 7, 2018

Sarawak Mission Trip- October 22-28,2018

On 22nd October 2018 to 28th October 2018, I was joining the mission trip on Sarawak with a group of student nurses, staff nurse, doctors, pastor and some volunteers. This is the first time I join the community service that is out of Penang. In Penang, I also did do some community service, such as health screening serve the people surrounding us. Before I joined, I have a wish in my mind that is I wish I able to do God’s work in my mother’s land, Sarawak. When Madam Ong announced who are willingly to be a volunteer to join the mission trip in Sarawak, I feel excited because my wish came true and I quickly got the form and filled it.
Once we reached the village , the villagers was line up to shake hands with us and welcoming us with a great heart. They also performed some of traditional dance and played the traditional instruments.
During the mission trip, we are related the people amongs our member who are going to check blood pressure, perform blood glucose test, take height and weight and assist doctor in tooth extraction. We are helping the staff nurse to find the medication that is prescribed by the doctor. Beside that, we used to demo them the proper technique to brush their teeth.
During lunch time, we able to eat in the village. They served variety of village food, such as lemang, tapioca leaf, a different type of traditional biscuits, cakes and so on. The people are very friendly to us and ask us to bring back some of the traditional food.
Throughout this mission trip, I have a great time with them. I learned how to served people and the community and also build some confidence in front of the public, especially when I demonstrate to them how to brush their teeth in the correct way. I very thankful to them, especially the teacher, who are given me a great chance to do the God’s work in my mother’s land. Other than that, I able to served the people who are needy and get a direct treatment to them.

– Bernadine Fatt Jian Ngui, ACNHS Diploma 2019(1)