I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. ~ Psalm 32:8, NKJV

Consider this miraculous story of God’s guidance: In the late 1990s, strong convictions led me to explore ways of becoming more aware of my patients’ spiritual condition. A simple ten-point questionnaire of their spiritual journey that took less than a minute of their time to complete impressed me with how many considered their spiritual beliefs to be integral component of their lives. So I decided to selectively seek permission from my patients for me to pray in their presence, especially when I found components that were particularly challenging or resistant to standard measures.

Harry and Lucy, and elderly couple, were always together for Lucy’s appointments, although only she was my patient. During one visit, I expressed reservations regarding advisability of their proposed cross-country flight for a family emergency. My concern was for Lucy, as her hypertension was presenting difficult challenges. It was one of those times I sensed a strong need to pray. After receiving their permission, I offered a prayer in their presence for treatment guidance and their travel safety.

Some time later, Harry confided to me that praying for Lucy made him feel I was exaggerating the seriousness of her condition. However, I also learned that, through repeated dreams, Lucy had become convicted that they would soon be learning new spiritual truths leading to a change in Christian church denominations, even though they were actively involved in their current church. My praying in their presence influenced her to continue seeking my care.

Meanwhile, I became compelled to invite each of my patients to consider exploring often-misunderstood biblical concepts in greater depth, via video tapes, delivered either by mail or in person. Many accepted my offer. Being very hospitable, Harry and Lucy chose the personal home delivery method, which my wife and I were privileged to continue on a weekly basis for eight months. During our visits, they told us of having shared written copies of Lucy’s dreams with friends and pastors, but these associates invariably brushed the writings aside as being perhaps interesting but rather eccentric.

However, to Harry and Lucy, the beautiful, profound, Christ-centered biblical insights and coherent understanding of prophecy were all part of dreams come true. They gladly accepted our invitation to attend church with us, and later Lucy declared that, upon first entering our sanctuary, she felt very impressed that this would be their new church home. Soon, Harry and Lucy joined our Chehalis, Washington, Seventh-day Adventist church by profession of faith. For the next five years, they added tremendous vibrant, loving, caring component to our church fellowship in innumerable ways until they passed to their rest from sudden illness about three months apart.

My experience with Harry and Lucy is one of the most memorable illustrations of God’s guidance in my medical practice, made possible through education at Loma Linda University, where the spiritual component of whole person care is given a high priority.

Helmuth Fritz, LLUSM class of 1973-B, is assistant clinical professor in LLUSM department of medicine. He resides in Chehalis, Washington.