Weekly Newsletter- May 4, 2018

I am going to send an angel in front of you, to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared.
(Exodus 23:20, NRSV)

During times of stress or illness, patients often ask me if there is a God and if He is truly involved in our lives. I respond by telling them this story about my father. When I was growing up, my father worked as a literature evangelist. He went door to door selling books like Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories, My Bible Friends, and My Bible Stories. Through this ministry, he brought many people to Jesus. However, this job was not without risk. He was often assigned to high-crime areas where people were robbed or assaulted.

Preparing for one of those assignments soon after our regular family worship– during which he asked God for His protection– He left our house. He went to his assigned area, knocking from door to door and speaking to those who were willing to listen. As evening drew near and he was preparing to return home, a woman from one of the houses stopped him. My father will never forget what she said. Coming up to him, she asked: “Those two men who were with you, where are they?”

My father was initially confused and asked, “What do you mean?”

The lady then told him that all day long, while my father was going from door to door, two big men dressed in white had accompanied him, one on each side. My father was amazed! He offered a prayer of thanksgiving to God, for His protection.

Our omnipresent God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. There is no doubt about it.

Danilyn Angeles, is a assistant professor in LLUSM department of basic sciences, division of physiology