Weekly Newsletter- November 9, 2018

It’s my honor and privilege to be able to join the Adventist Medical Mission Conference for the second time. In follow up with “The Right Arm, March On” of 2017 in Penang; this year we have “The Right Arm, Continue in Faith” for 2018 in Kuching, East Malaysia. It is a beautiful city surrounding with many different natural resources. I had the opportunity to taste at least a few kinds of fruits which I have never tasted before. Imagine when we get to heaven there are many more varieties to surprise us.

This year the AMM (Adventist Medical Mission) have invited Dr. Zeno L. Charles-Marcel to be the speaker for this Conference. Dr. Charles-Marcel is the Associate Director of the Department of Health Ministries at the General Conference, and through his promotion of Comprehensive Health Ministry, many pastor-doctor collaborations occur around the globe. It was very inspired to listen to his presentation especially in reaching the heart the of the patients and care for them and point them towards the Creator and the great Healer, Jesus Christ. I’m sure if more dedicated medical professional willing to follow the teachings from the Bible and the spirit of prophecy, we will see more patients being lead to Christ through the medical outreach. Beside the main speaker, all morning devotion, testimonies and special music are also very encouraging and inspiring. Thanks to all the preparation work that are well prepared ahead by the working committee.

The highlight for the end of the Conference was to divide all the participates voluntary into two groups to partner with all the medical healthcare professionals to serve the communities in two different locations in Kuching. The local church will continue to follow up with the new contacts who come for the medical free service.

Sincerely down in my heart I prayer that the AMM members and the participates will always remember the AMM Mission “To motivate, train and equip Seventh-day Adventist physicians, dentists and healthcare professionals to team up with pastors and lay members, uniting the church to restore Christ’s ministry of healing to the world, hastening His return.” Amen…….
– Pr David Ng, Hong Kong