Weekly Newsletter – Oct 6, 2017

AMM – A program that is able to alert participants about the importance of comprehensive service performed by everyone regardless of the background of their work. The testimonies of the speakers were true and encouraged the participants to be active in the service of Jesus. Personally, as a pastor feel blessed with this program – AMM. I was motivated to go to every member of the church to share the knowledge and experience of the speakers throughout the AMM program. Congratulations to the friendly and strong organizers, hopefully this program will be continually organize in the future.

– Jim Gabu

My understanding of the AMM- Adventist Medical Missionary is about providing volunteering health services and we have been doing it from time to time.
It has been revealed through the lessons and testimonies of Dr Fam, Dr Landless and Dr Tim who encourage us more. Dr Fam, he uses his money for his ministry and not for his personal use. He serves with faith, responsibility and dedication without knowing  the financial resources. God who prepares and blessed him.

– Winia Santor

I am very grateful to joined the previous AMM conference in Penang. All the experiences of Drs and other volunteers gave me a better understanding of total members involvement, all of us have to involve ourselves in ministry. I’m sure God always prepares everything, it is important to us to be fully surrender to God Almighty.

– Jomilin Kijai

Although I couldn’t really comprehend and poor in speaking English but I am very excited to join AMM CONFERENCE, especially during the health ministry’s time (Adventist Community Services). I saw a very good spirit of cooperation in helping each other through their health screening/check up and to lead the elderly with their health examination/check up.

– Lucia Mintu