Weekly Newsletter- October 5, 2018


Religion was never a concern for me. Life was pretty much smooth sailing despite the occasional bumps (which are inevitable in my close-knitted Buddhist family). With a bunch of good friends and a stable job, there were not many major issues in my life I could not handle.
My first encounter with Christianity was through one of my family members. However, the experience was unfavourable; thus, I did not have a good impression of Christianity, let alone consider becoming a one.
As I cruised along life, with few different circles of friends, I ‘enjoyed’ what the world had to offer. Despite the comforts provided through my comfortable job, life was mundane.
One day, my friend and I dined at a vegetarian restaurant in Kuantan owned by a pastor and his wife. The pastor’s wife shared with me about a healthy lifestyle and Jesus Christ. She had a different persona from the people I had encountered through my line of work and friends. She also started to give me some articles about God and how to know Him more. Sometimes there was a health talk in the church, and she invited me to go but at the time, I hated Christians so I didn’t officially go to church. When my good friend got baptized, it was my first time to enter the church. From that day on, occasionally, I went to church and care group with her.
She also shared with me about Aenon Healthcare Centre at Tampin, and since I had issues with my skin, I took the opportunity to join the health programme offered by the centre. From there, I experienced a flip side of Christianity (comparing with my first encounter), as the centre is operated by Christians (Seventh-day Adventists). Christians over there were polite, soft-spoken, gentle and caring. I also learnt more about a Christian way of living, which is completely different from my life (then).
Because I wanted to learn how to be a Christian, I decided to ditch my comfortable job and joined a health restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, which is also operated by Adventists. As I journeyed on, I continued to receive Bible studies from my colleague. Eventually, I accepted Christ, and with the blessings of my family, I was baptized in Aug 2017.
Interestingly, after becoming a Christian, life is not a bed of roses either! There is still quite a bit of unexpected different kind of challenges, in which, I believe, “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) is the answer.
Currently, I am attached to Peninsular Malaysia Mission (under the contract of Penang Adventist Hospital) serving as a Health Promoter in the Health Ministries Department. Joining the AMM Conference this round has enhanced my knowledge and skill in serving the community hands-on¸ and I thank God for His continuous guidance.
When I first heard of AMM, I thought it was only for doctors and nurses. So, when I joined this year’s AMM, I did not have any high expectations as I am not a doctor or nurse. However, after I attended AMM, I realized this programme is also suitable and beneficial for amateurs like me. Thus, I hope the organizers will promote AMM more in details the next round so that more people of the different profession will attend.

-Agnes Chang, Kuala Lumpur