Weekly Newsletter – Sep 22, 2017

AMM 2017 has been a really wonderful experience for me. I have learnt so much from all the sessions and the messages have really spoken to my heart. I also enjoyed listening to all the testimonies of how God has been working miracles through the medical missionary work around the world.

Besides sitting in the hall just listening to lectures, we’ve also been given a chance to do outreach in partnership with PESDAC at the Adventist community center. Although it was tiring, I was so happy to hear that there are already fruits that came out of this initiative.

For me personally, AMM has helped me gain a proper perspective as to how I need to view my future career as a whole, that I ought to be a missionary where ever I go, and I need to be one of those leading the March of the right arm. But to get to that point, I need to be equipped.

This world not only need people who can help them out of their physical ailments, but also their mental emotional and spiritual ailments as well. This is the work of the medical missionary, that through the power of God, we bring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing to this dying world.

– Joseph Tean