Weekly Newsletter – Sep 29, 2017

It was by chance that I heard about the AMM Conference 2017 from my wife, who heard about this from her colleague who registered for this event. What attracted me was this event is about medical ministry and even better yet it will be held in my hometown in Penang.

My wife and I have been inspired by the spiritual presentations, the personal testimonies, the beautiful and touching music and the fellowship with the participants of The Right Arm, March On at the Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort. We have been blessed to hear from Dr. Peter Landless, Dr. Tim Riesenberger, and Dr. Fam Siow Leong.

It is great to see a group of medical field workers willingly to get up from their comfort zone to collaborate with the local church to serve and reach out to the community. I pray for all the efforts they invested in this event with be a fruitful harvest in the near future. Moreover, I prayed that with the help of God and the Holy Spirit, this event will continue to grow and that many more will be able to attend and be blessed like we have been.

It is truly a precious and an unforgettable experience, and we hope that we could have the chance to join the next conference in 2018!!

– Pastor David Ng