Weekly Newsletter- September 21, 2018

AMM Conference 2018- Testimony

The AMM Conference is the ever-awaited time of its presence. Thank you so much to the organizer. Through this conference the participants get the spirit of volunteering to volunteer to reach every level of society based on the spiritual gifts and talents that God gives. The impact of this convention can sustain the momentum of the participants to actively carry out public service wherever they are.

The AMM Conference held in Kuching, Sarawak for example has sparked the spirit of serving God by all participants from Sabah. Upon returning from the conference, the AMM Sabah group has been serving to Pulau Bangi, especially the people in Kg. Lokagong, on 19 – 21 August 2018. Motivation from Dr. Zeno L. Charles-Marcel really lifted their spirits to become the right hand of the gospel, the channel love and the blessing of the people in Kg. Lokagong.

Dr. Zeno and wife, attendance with the AMM team to Kg. Engkeruh, Sarawak is also an example of the impact of the AMM Conference. About more than 100 people of the village who had attended the Adventist Community Services, our medical, dental, and healthcare team have served the villagers lovingly and attentively Congratulations to the organizers who have been conducting health service programs. The AMM Sabah team was also motivated by the program. Of course this team will work to promote AMM’s activities to get more involved and join AMM. Of course, in collaboration with Adventist Health Ministries and Adventist Community Services teams in Sabah Mission.

Our prayer and hopes, our new AMM leadership can lead more people involved and join the AMM, especially among doctors, nurses, medical assistants, pastors, volunteers and so on. It is time for all members to work together to proclaim The Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless!

-Pr Jim Gabu, Sabah