Weekly Newsletter- September 7, 2018

Praise to be the name of the Lord for His blessings and providence. Our Adventist
Medical Mission working committee has once again successfully organized another
AMM conference. This four days and three nights conference, from 9 th of August
2018 till the 13 th of August 2018, has set it’s 3 rd mark in Imperial Hotel, Kuching,
Sarawak, just 5 minutes drive away from Sarawak’s Mission office.

This conference was graced with the presence of Dr. Zeno Charles L Charles-
Marcel, as the main speaker of the conference. Dr. Zeno was given 1 – 3 plenary
slots daily throughout the conference and it was truly a blessing for everyone in

The revival and renewal of the Holy Spirit did not stop with the talk and sermon. Just
as Hebrews 3:13 advises, “ But encourage one another daily..”, the testimonies and
special music sharing was an uplifting balm for the weary missionary soul. With the
united prayer as the conclusion of the praises and testimonies, and ended the day
with another plenary, the members retired on Saturday evening with a burning heart
for health ministry.

With hearts fresh anew with the burning spirit, the medical team went out to the
public offering free health screening and medical checkups for both inside and
outside city area. Again, during this outreach program, many souls has been touched
by our Great Physician through the services of our health team.

Mere words could not even begin to express and tell how the Lord has done His
masterwork. But if the 3 rd Adventist Medical Missionary Conference could be put into
a single word, it would be ‘BLESSINGS’. May the conference spiritually inspire
everyone who have attended it and the seed of the Holy Spirit nurtured in the people
who has been touched by the Maker’s hand through our health team.

God bless.

-Dr. Sheila Mujin